Teaching Pedagogy

Asian School of Business with its unique teaching pedagogy is able to transform its students into an intellectual capital.

  • Considering the fact that ironic theoretical aspect of any curriculum remains constant (can not be changed)
  • A conventional twist in delivering pattern can lead toward successful implication of learning environment.
  • ASB believes in delivering active learning experience through an interactive learning process based on a principle of “ Blended Learning”.
  • Blended learning focus on – use of best possible method of delivering, keeping in mind the complexity of topic and students competency to learn.
  • This Blended learning helps in understanding and learning of regular curriculum in an innovative & effective manner.

Blended Learning Methodology

Classrooms Methodologies (Internal Exposure)

  • Multi-disciplinary programs and projects, student centered pedagogy.
  • Use of Multimedia (power point presentation, audio, visuals).
  • Case Studies, Games, Simulations, Group Activities.
  • Role Play
  • Guest lectures
  • Scenario Analysis, Group Discussions, Quiz, One on one discussion
  • Z to A approach, mentoring & coaching
Beyond Classrooms (External Exposure)

  • Industry Visits
  • Conference’s
  • Live projects
  • Seminar’s/summits
  • Internships’
  • Development Programs
  • Special Workshops
  • Learning Exchange Programs
  • Research based Projects
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