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Asian Education Group organized an interaction of the students of BBA Ist Semester with Mr Sushil Aggarwal, Chairman, Avon Mold Plast Pvt Ltd. Mr Aggarwal enriched the young minds with his words of wisdom.

Avon Mold Plast Pvt. Ltd. was established in year 2002 at Ghaziabad U.P. India, to manufacture quality plastic molded furniture in the brand name of AVON, catering to the wide strata of consumers and since then has continuously progressed to meet the growing needs and challenges by catering with newer designs, models, colors and range etc. to the satisfaction of customers.

The young managers were shown the process of making plastic and how it takes the final shape of the product. Asianites were happy to be part of this visit as they learnt a lot about the hard work and technological innovation that goes in the making of plastic furniture.

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