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Asian Education Group believes in imparting all round development to the students. Hence the students go for excursions and trips to various Industries. With a view to broaden the horizons of the young managers, a visit to Yamuna Bio Diversity Park was organized for BBA students on 13th and 14th December 2016.

 Emerging as the capital’s most visited public place and prominent center for learning and understanding the environment, the Yamuna Bio diversity Park has become a home for biologically rich wetlands, grassland communities, a wide variety of fruit yielding species and an abundance of medicinal herbs. The Park also comprises a native flora and fauna which used to exist a 100 years ago and then became extinct locally. It further, acts as a natural conservation site for specific group of endangered plants. The Yamuna Biodiversity Park is presently spread over an area of approximately 457 acres near Wazirabad village on the flat alluvial plains of the Yamuna.

 It was a very informative visit for our young managers and they were highly impressed by the rich bio diversity.

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