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Dance is artistic expression of different emotions. It is a beautiful medium to express oneself. Sometimes it expresses our happiness and mirth, sometimes celebration, sadness or at times pain. Various clubs at Asian School of Business give ample scope to the students to showcase their expertise in different fields.

“Utsav “hosted the prelude to “Kesshet” on 8th of March 2017. A number of competitions were part of the club activity. Asianites were busy making Rangoli, Posters and showing their perfect moves to our judges.

It was a beautiful sight indeed!  They proved that they are a talented lot- talking about “Rangoli” the peacock was perfect combination of colours and it adorned the floor in all its majesty. The crowd was electrified with some scintillating dances performed by our managers. They rocked the stage and put the stage on fire with group and solo dances.

This activity proved that this year’s “Kesshet” will showcase the best of performances of our young managers and will give stiff competition to other colleges.

Great Performance..Asianites!!!

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