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SEED, the entrepreneurship club organized the activity for BBA students named “Business Plan for a successful Entrepreneur Venture”. This activity is aimed at enabling the students become business owners, prepare a detailed business plan for their venture and present their business plan pitch to the judges for investment.

The BBA students  divided  themselves in teams. They had to build a business with capital of up to Rs 50 lakh. The businesses may range from selling consumables, food products to e-commerce to providing necessary or recreational services such as healthcare or medical services. The goal of the teams was to ensure they are generating profit from whichever business they choose to run.

Each team divided themselves into the top officials of the company, for example one person would act as the CEO, another as the CFO, a CMO and so on and each shall then plan out their respective business plans to come up and with the help of the CEO of the company merge them into the entire business to come up with a profitable venture.

The BBA students participated enthusiastically and made excellent business plans.

Well Done!!!

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