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“Innovation and Implementation – Ideas of Budding Managers” activity organized by The HR Club “Synergize togetHR” of ASB

The HR Club “Synergize togetHR” of Asian  School of Business  organized an activity for BBA and BCA students on 29th Nov’2017. The theme of the activity was “Innovation and Implementation – Ideas of Budding Managers”.

This activity was organized with the objective to sensitize the students  to the new issues of management in general, and HR in particular. The initiative of conceptualizing, initiating and implementing this activity was done by the student coordinators.

BBA I and BCA students portrayed their creative sides by making posters / collage which could foster presentation skills, teamwork, and public speaking. They all seemed excited about what they are learning !!

BBA III and V students could use their critical thinking and communication skills in a separate activity which was designed for them- “Crossfire Debate”. Some of the topics of the debate were :

Bad to the Bone : Dealing with Bad Manager / Bad Boss is difficult ?

Testing of Products / Medicines on Animals: Is it necessary and ethical?

Employee benefits- are they a burden on the companies’ expenditure list ?

Collective bargaining- is it helpful in solving the present HR Problems ?

The interesting topics of the debate made the students research various aspects, They could organize themselves in small teams of 4 members and  review important terms and concepts relating to their chosen statement. Such extra-curricular activities are of paramount importance, as they are in line with the institution’s endeavors to provide a platform for overall growth of the students; and the students’ aspirations of intellectual growth.

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