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Diploma in Corporate Communication

Programme Objectives :

The ASB Diploma in Corporate Communication (DCC) is a structured package of courses that gives students the basic knowledge and understanding of the corporate communication field. The programme incorporates the practice of public relations; advertising; marketing; management; psychology; IT; law and ethics among others. This multidisciplinary curriculum is designed to give students the extra edge in their careers.. It is a training discipline for professional knowledge and skills in communication, applied to corporate management, in institutions of government, commerce and Industry non- profit agencies and academia.

The expertise and skills required of PR practitioners include the strategic handling of tools and channels for information distribution and retrieval, to build relationships with individuals and target groups or “publics” through planned Action and Communication via mass media, new media, and person to person.

Program Learning Outcomes :

  • Summarize communication theory and trends
  • Use, evaluate, and modify different communication strategies in business settings in global context.
  • Implement and incorporate excellent writing and editing skills into all facets of corporate communication.
  • Demonstrate the ability to think strategically, and gain a global perspective on communications and public relations.
  • Demonstrate clear and concise writing skills and leadership in the digital world.
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