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Diploma in Media & Entertainment

The mass media – particularly radio, television and the internet– is now available in every nook and corner of the world. Mass media is growing phenomenally and providing ever increasing employment opportunities to the trained and talented people worldwide. The importance of professional management of media organizations too has now been fully realized. Beside the print media, radio and television, filmmaking has been recognized as an industry by the Indian govt. Ever increasing use of he internet and proliferation of satellite broadcasting have indeed changed the way in which we live and work. Professionalism in media industry has generated a demand for media managers who may be conversant with the elements of business administration as well as the processes of making media products. These may be learnt in a school as there is no time available to train the personnel on the job due to the intense pressure of day to day work in the media organizations.

Programme Objectives :

The Diploma in Media & Entertainment Management course is a judicious mix of the education in the basics of business administration and the elements of media production. Due emphasis is laid on the technical, artistic as well as the business aspects of print journalism; radio and television production / broadcasting; film making / distribution / exhibition and multimedia production for the internet.

Learning Outcomes :

This course is designed to give rise to future professionals, rather than mere ‘degree holders’. It keeps in mind the needs of the industry where the students would ultimately find employment, and, therefore, has a completely different approach to learning.

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