Dr. Anubhuti Dwivedi

With great pleasure I welcome you to Asian School of Business, Delhi NCR. You will feel honoured to be part of this esteemed and academically rich institute. I am proud to lead an institution with a spectacle of fine blend of tradition and modernity.

I believe that every educational institute has its own character, is distinct in its own ways and has an identifiable personality. The integration of academic excellence and professional learning has always been a strength of Asian School of Business.

Academic excellence has been the keyword of the institute since its inception. We realize the need to provide both academic rigour and practical application to student learning. This institute is backed by a system that ensures the quality being monitored regularly and standards being reviewed frequently. With the support of dynamic and highly energetic faculty to back up the skill centered curriculum, students are trained to contribute to society to be effective leaders of tomorrow. Once the students are on board, we ensure they interact and collaborate well with the system.  Our faculty, staff and students work in cohesion to create a conducive environment wherein every student develops roots of responsibility leading to their holistic development.

The time one spends at Asian School of Business is an exciting journey for all of us, to have lifelong relationships, to be a better individual than others and to add value to the system.