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In initiative to promote environment awareness the “Prakriti Club” at AEG organized a club activity on 4th October for the BBA and BCA students.

The activity started with inauguration by the plantation activity conducted by the BBA1 & BCA1 student in the college campus. This was followed by debate competition of BBA third year student on the topic “Development and Sustainability”, the students presented their views.

BBA1 Student also performed a play with the social message to save the earth. The audience were mesmerized by the extraordinary performance put up by the students.

The BBA second year were given on spot theme” Go green” and they were supposed to decorate their allotted walls as per the theme with a social message. The participation of the student were amazing. They created beautiful wall presentation which ensured to waste the least and create the best.

All in all the activity was astounding with the enthusiastic participation of the student.

Well Done…

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