1st february, 2020

After the global financial crisis, the world has been experiencing slowest ever economic growth. Growth in emerging markets and developing economies has already been revised down by about half a percentage point as compared to 2018. The global economy is in a synchronized slowdown and growth continues to be weakened by rising trade barriers and increasing geopolitical tensions. The economic slowdown can only be reversed if both short-term and long-term reforms are undertaken and that too with all major economies cooperating with each other. The systems have to be transformed making use of cutting edge technologies coming up in a big way in Industry 4.0. Leadership has to be agile and adapt to the changes at a fast pace by promoting innovation. For this to happen, we need to grow rapidly & need to focus a lot on Research and Development. With extensive consultations and inputs from business experts and

academicians, this conference would reflect ground realities and a collective consensus on addressing the challenges and achieving the goals for a transformed world economy which can reverse the trend from slowdown to growth. It attempts to present a set of ideas that can provide the basis for a constructive global partnerships and promote a positive sentiment to propel world economy in the coming times by emphasizing on innovation

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