Dr. Saurabh Sharma
Director, Asian Education Group

At Asian School of Business, we believe in giving the power of knowledge to all our students. Our vision is to create future leaders who shall manage and create powerful organizations in the emerging corporate landscape. It is a quest, by way of excellence that I seek to achieve for my students in the field of education.

ASB has created a benchmark in the field of global education through its contribution in various educational and management sectors. It is one of the endeavors of Asian Education Group that has travelled a long way to achieve its goal of being one of the top institutes for premier education.

With an academic tradition that combines scholarly excellence with continuing interaction with business leaders and current management issues, ASB provides a fertile ground for blossoming of potential young aspirants for not only being an efficient manager but also a true cosmopolitan and responsible contributor to the society and community. At the same time, we take care that young minds entering our portals are provided with all necessary guidance and moral virtues.

Our team is highly dedicated towards its objective of making ASB a better place for national as well as international students. It is our constant endeavor to develop and enhance business leadership through innovative world-class programmes. In today’s transcending world, the function of education has changed from teaching to learning that casts a mutual responsibility upon the institution as well as students to make education a cannon loaded with power and progress.

I wish Asian School of Business and its students all the best to deliver results with academic excellence.