National Seminar 2021 on Nep 2020: Transforming Vision into Action, 30th Sept, 2021

Asian School of Business is organising a National seminar 2021 on 30th Sept, 2021. This seminar will attempt to address the questions on how NEP 2020 will prove to be a pivotal point in terms of meeting the country’s inclusive development goals while also establishing a robust community; and how we can more effectively share our passion for designing systems, structures, and devices to solve problems with students—current and prospective.


National Seminar 2020 On Developing Virtual Learning Resources: Challenges and Prospects, 11th, Dec, 2020

Asian School of Business is organising a national Seminar on 11th Dec, 2020.The seminar would attempt to present a set of ideas that would be swift in putting out virtual resources for the benefit of learners through blended learning.


Industry 4.0: A Roadmap for Indian Business Competitiveness, 27th Oct, 2018

National Seminar is being organised by Asian School of Business on 27th oct, 2018. It The event attempts to present a set of ideas that can provide the basis for a constructive public-private personal partnership and promote a positive sentiment to propel India to the front ranks of the global economy.