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“Growth with Education”


In the current global context, we believe in developing the aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs who manage and create powerful organizations in the emerging corporate landscape. Asian School of Business aims at creating highly intellect business mindset, promote best business practices and innovative techniques to attain desired organization goal and contribute to nation’s economy at large.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of BBA Program

Objective of BBA program at ASB is to equip students with the ability to integrate the knowledge from various disciplines, develop logical & critical thinking wherein they can recognize and solve problems, weigh & understand ethical issues and communicate effectively. Within this broad framework following program educational objectives are stated:

PEO 1:  Provide students with attitude and aptitude to identify, analyze and develop business opportunities as well as solve business problems

PEO 2: Develop the ability in students for strategic planning, leadership and team building across borders

PEO 3: Instil and hone the skills in students by knowledge transfer for making them competent management professionals through application of the acquired knowledge and skills; and to develop their written and oral communication competencies to enhance managerial effectiveness

PEO 4: Enhance students’ appreciation of the values of social responsibility, legal and ethical principles and corporate governance as a global citizen

PEO 5: Equip students with the necessary attitude and ability to adapt to dynamic business environment and the rapid changes in it due to technological advancements


Program Outcomes of BBA Program

The BBA program has following intended outcomes that are duly aligned with the educational objectives listed above. These program outcomes are:

PO1: Business Environment and Domain Knowledge

Students will be able to identify and analyze economic, socio – cultural, political and legal factors present in the national and global business environment which have an influence over the conduct of business and gain the knowledge of various domains relevant to business. This helps in understanding the functioning of businesses and identifying potential business opportunities.

PO2: Skill Development and Pragmatic Approach for Innovative Solutions

Students will be able to practically apply the concepts, tools and techniques learnt during the program in real life business situations for devising optimal and innovative solutions to business problems.

PO3: Critical Thinking, Business Analysis and Problem Solving

Students will develop competencies in quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques along with the ability to think and analyze critically and apply the conclusions of rational decision-making process to problem solving in functional areas such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Business Strategy.

PO4: Effective Communication

Students will develop the ability to communicate effectively through oral as well as written modes using appropriate technology and logical reasoning to articulate ideas at a level which reflects competence.

PO5: Socially Responsive and Ethical Leadership and Entrepreneurial Ability          

Students will develop the ability to lead and build teams demonstrating ethical standards in business decision making with responsiveness to contemporary social issues. They will develop an aptitude for innovativeness and an attitude for taking calculated risks necessary for realizing the entrepreneurial potential in them leading to economic and social development of the country.

PO 6: Global Exposure and Cross-Cultural Functioning

Students will be able to develop a global outlook and an understanding of cross-cultural functioning of business.

Programme Objectives of BCA Program

Bachelor of Computer Applications provides an integrated set of learning opportunities for students interested in mastering the skills and knowledge necessary for effectively participating in modern technical organizations. The objectives of the program include:

  • Stimulating mental ability of the student in such a way that promotes creative thinking and results in innovations. Further, they will be prepared for continued learning throughout their career.
  • Students will have the positive perspectives and skills that create productive IT professionals.
  • The graduate program faculty will demonstrate an excellence in teaching, as well as evidence of meaningful professional and scholarly activities.

Program Outcomes of BCA Program

PO1: Domain Knowledge & Its Application

Apply knowledge of computing fundamentals, mathematics, and domain knowledge of computing models from defined problems and requirements.

PO2: Analytical Ability & Innovative Approach to Problem Solving

Create, select, adapt and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern computing tools to complex computing activities providing innovative solutions to complex computing problems by designing or evaluating systems, components and processes.

PO3: Effective Communication

Effective Communication with the computing community/society about complex computing activities by writing effective reports, design documentation, effective presentations.

PO4: Value Based Leadership Abilities and Entrepreneurial Potential

Understand the principles of leadership and team building based on values and develop the attitude for taking calculated risks necessary for realizing the entrepreneurial potential.


Core Values

E: Excellence – Excellence in Education through Industry and Academia under one Umbrella

D: Dedication – Strong hub of Management, Directors, and Advisory Board with clear vision and sincere efforts

U: Unity – Unified staff and students

C: Clarity – Clear thought process for the accomplishment of Mission

A: Achievement – Keen to set a benchmark for the accomplishment of particular tasks and striving for success in achieving the same

T: Togetherness – Belongingness towards the Institution and society

I: Innovativeness – Value addition through innovative teaching-learning

O: Optimism – Positive mind framework for quality assurance and accepting the challenges in the world of Globalization

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