24th-25th MARCH 2023

Effective management is crucial for harnessing the potential of technology, enabling organizations to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and reduce costs through better resource allocation and streamlined processes. As the global economy faces rapid technological change and increasing uncertainties, the ability to adapt swiftly and resiliently becomes paramount. This adaptability is facilitated by leveraging technology to respond to market shifts and disruptions, ensuring long-term sustainability and growth. The fusion of technology and management fosters innovation, allowing businesses to develop new products, services, and business models that drive expansion and open up new revenue streams. Enhanced global connectivity through technology supports international collaboration, market expansion, and access to diverse talent pools, with strategic management guiding these efforts to align with organizational goals. The theme emphasizes the importance of digital transformation, where technology adoption is guided by strategic planning and execution to achieve organizational objectives.

The conference aims to explore the vital role that strategic management and technological advancements in navigating the complexities of the contemporary global economic environment. Set against the backdrop of an ever-evolving economic landscape, the conference will provide a platform for exchanging ideas, presenting cutting-edge research, and fostering collaborations that pave the way for sustainable economic development.

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