At Asian School of Business, experience is not just limited to academics and classroom instruction, but also goes beyond books to foster students’ holistic growth and enable them to become better resources for tomorrow. The clubs/ cells at ASB play a key role in this, thus empowering students with multifaceted competencies and providing them an edge in the competitive-dynamic industry demands.
In line with the mentioned objective, there are seven such clubs/cells at Asian School of Business- Athleema: The Sports Club, Utasv-The Cultural Club, Community Service Club, Gnosis-The Literary Club, Technocrats-The IT Club, The Manager’s Club, and the Alumni Cell. Each of the clubs have specific objectives and is involved in organising skill-based activities for the students throughout the year.
The structure of each of these clubs involves a faculty convenor and student representatives with the designation of President (1student from the final year), Secretary (2 students from the second year) and Executives (4-6 students from the first year).