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Asian School of Business (ASB)

(Affiliated to the Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut).

Asian School of Business was set up with a vision to promote excellence in the field of education and to meet the ever-increasing demand of quality professionals in the growing business world. At present, ASB offers BBA & BCA courses in affiliation with the CCS University. ASB facilitates tailored courses to provide students with an industry-relevant degree. Students get practical experience, attend seminars and prepare internship reports. They are encouraged to attend leadership training workshops and conferences for but not limited to public speaking, group dynamics, problem solving and evaluating techniques.

With its comprehensive courses, Asian School of Business aims not only to enlighten the learning experience of students but also enrich and inspire them. It aims to develop knowledge, skills, value, ethics and expertise among students through its unique curriculum and modern pedagogies, thereby, bringing a reform in education.

We always strive to persistently engage in varied activities and initiatives to ensure success of each and every student in their career. Here Programs are formulated to emphasize the significance of and develop skills of students in communication, quantitative reasoning, planning, decision-making, problem-solving, business analysis etc. They learn to identify problems, analyze them and provide efficient and effective practical solutions.

The academic environment generated by the interaction between professionals of various disciplines will have a stimulating influence, especially in the formative years of young students and it helps them to develop an integrated personality and a greater competitive spirit. ASB boasts of eminent industry professionals with extensive teaching and research experience from various disciplines as its faculty. It is home to students from different cultural backgrounds and perspectives, thereby, making the learning experience more creative, competitive, engaging and dynamic.

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