Akshay Marwah

Asian School of Business is dedicated to its responsibility of creating a global knowledge disseminating hub that transcends national and international borders, thereby transforming every student into an excellent future manager and leader.

The institute’s core values are derived from its engagement in high-quality research and excellent innovative teaching methods, combined with experiential learning in the form of internships for students with top management firms and companies, workshops by distinguished industry experts, and student exchange programs that expose them to the international business environment.

Asian School of Business fosters and nurtures leaders capable of making a difference in the management of corporate and other sectors. It instills human values and professional ethics in students, which make them independent in decision-making and create a path that is not only good for them but also for society, the nation, and the world as a whole.

Its highly qualified faculty, with excellent inputs from industry leaders, contributes phenomenally in shaping up management graduates suited to take on bigger responsibilities in industry, businesses, government, academia, and the social sector.

Asian School of Business offers every aspiring and budding manager a dynamic, innovative, and holistic education system. I welcome and invite every young aspirant, inquisitive mind, and dreamer to join Asian School of Business and experience the thrill of soaring high and flying even higher!