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Student Speak @ ASB
  • “Getting the title of Miss Fresher is the most beautiful thing happened in my life. I was so happy and proud of myself when my name was announced for the title. The hall was full of cheers for all the winners standing there on the stage.It were such an amazing feeling. Back home, my parents and brother were so happy to see the crown and the band of “Miss Fresher “. All of them were happy for me. This is how the success story begins at Asian Education Group.”

    Akshita Upreti
  • “First of all thanks to Asian Education Group for encouraging me to participate and show my talent in front of everyone. I never knew that i will win ” Mr. Fresher” title. Trust me, this was something unexpected. Though somewhere deep down i wanted to win, but when i actually got it, that was a WOW feeling. I am always going to cherish these moments for lifetime. As this is just a beginning of my life, I want to thank Asian Education Group for giving me this opportunity to shine.”

    Mukund Bisht
  • “A place to learn, a place to grow, an epitome of knowledge, this is what ABS is for me . A place where knowledge is borne with wisdom , and the thrill to learn something new everyday , and rediscover the real you.”

    Muneefa Shaikh

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Akshita Upreti



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