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One of the frequently asked questions by Grade XII students who may be planning to pursue field of management studies at post graduation level has been whether they should opt for BBA or some other course at graduation level. Proportion of this category of students sky rockets in case they had opted for science in Grade XII as in such cases they get confused between BBA and Engineering studies. At the same time, we are noticing a very high proportion of management graduates from premier institutes like IIMs having studied Engineering at graduation level.

This article aims at making students visualize and understand the reasons as to why they should preferably pursue BBA program at graduation level in case they have long term plans of studying management course at post graduation level.


  1. Helps Visualizing Corporate World

BBA program is designed primarily to offer students a wider perspective of the dynamic functioning of modern day corporate world. It is an introductory field of business management preparing students to face the real world problems thereby helping them to get adapted to functioning of corporate world and hence learn various tactics of business management.


  1. Better Practical Experience

A typical BBA curriculum makes students able to face industry challenges by making them work on summer internships, live projects, case studies etc. Students benefit a lot on account of summer internships that last for a period of about six to eight weeks wherein they are supposed to work in an organization as an intern and by doing so; they come to know a lot about various domains. At the same time, they are in a better position to visualize as to how they can apply the class room learning to solve the real life problems.


  1. Sound platform for MBA

In case one is planning to pursue a management course at the post graduation level, BBA would be a good option at graduation level as it helps in building a strong foundation for MBA as the BBA curriculum includes basic business applications and administration processes thereby making the concepts clear hence enabling the student to develop a wider perspective.


  1. Opens up possibilities for Start-ups or to work for a Company

After the student is done with the BBA Course, he is in a better position to choose whether he may want to work for an organization right after graduation or pursue for Masters Program in Management Studies or even come up with a start up of his own. In other words, pursuing BBA would in all probability open lot of options for students in the future.

Not that studying engineering or some other course at graduation level is going to be detrimental for you in case you plan to pursue MBA in future, however BBA at graduation level does stand apart from other courses in such a scenario as it acts like a gateway for you to enter the field of Business Management. The familiarization towards various industry specific domains that you may learn during the tenure of the course makes it just about the right choice for ones who aspire to pursue MBA in future.


Pursuing BBA in some of the top BBA colleges like Asian School of Business, Noida would be even more beneficial as they usually put lot of emphasis on “out of classroom” learning that is very much needed in the modern competitive environment so as to provide the students with hands on experience to make them capable of solving dynamic organizational problems.