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Things to keep in mind while choosing a BCA college

If you have passed Grade XII recently and have zeroed in on BCA as the course you are going to choose at the Under Graduate level, you need to be very careful in choosing the right college. Over the past decade or so, there has been a lot of mushrooming of BCA colleges that are offering BCA Program out of which some may not be maintaining good standards. So one needs to carry out some basic research, based on which he can finalize on one. What puts a college in the category of so called ‘good’ colleges or not, depends upon whether the college is imparting holistic development in students in terms of making them job ready or not. One needs to understand that education at school level is different from what is needed at the college level for a program like BCA. At school, we focus more on learning the concepts, but good colleges emphasize more on making the student job ready, that is focusing more on his overall personality as well on practical part of academics.

Here we shall have a look at the factors that you need to consider while choosing a college to pursue BCA course. Most of us would be concerned about the university with which the college is affiliated to, curriculum followed, faculty, Infrastructure, Placements etc. Certainly they are important, but we need to prioritize them as per our requirements so as to arrive at a conclusion.

Affiliation: Any degree holds value in job market only if the relevant college is affiliated to a university recognized by UGC and Government. This is perhaps the most important factors that one needs to take into consideration.

Infrastructure: An important factor that needs to be kept in mind while choosing a college is its infrastructure that needs to be latest and well-maintained. The building, classrooms, labs, library, canteen, hostel etc. should be at par with the best. Most important part for BCA program would be ‘labs’ that need to have required number of computer systems along with latest software.

Curriculum: While finalizing on a college, you need to compare its BCA course curriculum against that of other colleges so as to ensure that you choose a college that follows a curriculum that is at par with international standards.

Faculty: A good and capable faculty can certainly mould career of students. A teacher is the one who is a major influence in shaping the future of a student. Thus, it is imperative to take into consideration the faculty of colleges you may have shortlisted.

Placements: At the end of day, it is the Placements that is going to define the quality of college. You may check with institute’s placement cell, its placement record over the years, the companies that have visited the campus and other like details.

Add ons: This is what is perhaps going to differentiate colleges against each other. While most of the recognized universities follow pretty much similar curriculum, however only few of them do focus on providing real hands on experience to students that is going to make them job ready once they are going to be out of college.

If you are looking for top BCA colleges in Noida, you may have a look at Asian School of Business, Noida that subjects its students to multi-disciplinary programs like projects, Case Studies, Simulations, Guest Lectures, Quizzes, One on One Discussion as well as other added top ups like Conferences, Industry Visits, Summer Internships, Live Projects and Workshops. Main purpose of these Add ons is that they help in making the student job ready as he gets the requisite hands on experience.

All said and done, it may not always be possible for you to get hold of the information regarding the above mentioned points. So it may be advisable that while doing a background check of the colleges, talk to some ex-students, if possible, for getting the real picture.