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9 ASB students offered International Summer Internships

International experience usually refers to a person’s experiences in nations other than their home nation or the nation they live or studied in. For students, such international exposure enhances and broadens their vision in many ways. Acquiring knowledge or skill by way of international visits and attending of international workshops/seminars, enables students to experience and understand the global scenario from a different cultural perspective. Similarly, the student exchange programs also serve to grant students with cross-cultural exposure and opportunities to expand their mental horizons. Thus, it becomes important that management institutions do provide their students with sufficient opportunities to learn and understand the global techniques with respect to their field and prepare them with the characteristics required for working in a global environment.

Being one of the top BBA/BCA colleges in Delhi NCR, Asian School of Business provides ample opportunities to its students to participate and gain out of these avenues of international exposure. One such avenue of providing international exposure to its students is through the opportunity given to them to participate in international summer internships at various countries around the globe.

In line with this core academic feature at Asian School of Business, this year a total of 9 ASB BBA & BCA students have been offered international summer internships at various countries like Vietnam, Greece, Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, and Russia. The names of these students are Mehak Piplani, Simran Agarwal, Vaibhav, Rishab Kukreti, Divek Uppal, Ritu Raj Singh, Toshan Dhuper, Pankaj Rajput, and Mohd. Saif.

While Mehak Piplani would be visiting Vietnam between 1st July to 15th August 2019, Simran Agarwal will be interning at Greece between 6th June to 18th July 2019, and Vaibhav would be in Turkish Republic of North Cyprus from 15th June to 27th July 2019. Asianites Rishab Kukreti, Divek Uppal, Ritu Raj Singh, Toshan Dhuper, Pankaj Rajput, and Mohd. Saif would all be together visiting Russia between 10th July to 21st August 2019 for their international summer internships.

The Management & Faculty of Asian School of Business wishes all these students ‘Best of Luck’ and are sure that they all would come back richer in experiences of the world!