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Vaibhav Batra: International Summer Internship @ Turkish Republic of North Cyprus

Internships are a big way of learning the lessons taught in the classrooms vis-a-vis its practical applications in real life situations. In the field of professional studies, most of the professional colleges organize summer internship programs for its students. Thus, as an essential part of education at Asian School of Business, students are required to undergo 2 months’ summer internship program on the successful completion of IV Semester. The interns are expected to work in a team, learn industry work model and acquire the desired personal & professional skills. The students are expected to think out of the box and to demonstrate their managerial skills & knowledge gained during classroom teaching.

At ASB, in addition, summer internships also have an international dimension. Combined together with the need to provide international exposure to its students, Asian School of Business provides great opportunities to its BBA & BCA students to participate in international summer internships at various countries around the globe.

As part of this distinct academic feature, this year a total of 9 ASB BBA & BCA students have been offered international summer internships at various countries like Vietnam, Greece, Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, and Russia. One among these students is Vaibhav Batra who will be interning at Turkish Republic of North Cyprus between 15th June to 27th July 2019.

Vaibhav has been granted an access to Turkish Republic of North Cyprus from 15/06/2019 till 27/07/2019 during which period he will be volunteering for “International Summer School in Famagusta” as a “Global Volunteer” of AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-run organization with a mission to “expand the understanding of a nation by expanding the understanding of the individuals, changing the world one person at a time” and seeking to develop the leadership potential of young people by engaging them early-on with value-based environment that shapes their behaviors.

His stay in Turkish Republic of North Cyprus will be followed by all legal procedures for processing residence as the law states. His accommodation and stay would be taken care of by AIESEC. When the project is over, he will return back to his country.