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Transformational Leaders” Emerge From “gnosis, The Literary Club

“Gnosis, the Literary Club” organized Club activity on the theme on Transformational Leaders. This activity was aimed at bringing out innovative and creative thinking in BBA students.

All the students took part in this activity and came out with a number of beautiful ideas. These groups portrayed leaders’ lives ranging from Malala Yusuf Zai, Jesus Christ, Hellen Keller, Mother Teresa, Hitler, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Abraham Lincoln and Narendra Modi. The groups had to first submit the collage, followed by Presentation on the leader and dramatization of an event from his/ her life.

This activity was indeed “Footprint in the sands of time” which added value to the understanding of the glorious past and gave in depth learning to the young managers about these transformational leaders.

The judges for this event were Dr. Sandhya Agarwal and Ms. Veenu Arora. Frm BBA Ist Year- First prize was given to the Group depicting Malala Yusuf Zai and second prize was given to Group depicting Hellen Keller. From BBA 2ND Year, Ist prize was given to the group to Group depicting Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Mr. Maroof Ahmad Mir, Head Academics (BBA) appreciated the efforts of the young managers.