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5 Things Every Management Student must know before going to college

As a professional field of activity, “Management” can be described as an art that requires a lot of patience and determination to practice. A management degree (BBA/MBA) is therefore not just a qualification, but it is an attitude. Indeed, this attitude is all that matters in the corporate world which would accept only a professional and not just a graduate. This all-important attitude can be surely developed by the Management Student by the way he/she spends their time while at their college. And that makes it all the more important for aspiring management students to know some necessary things before entering a college.

  1. Explore yourself

If one needs to start from somewhere, they should start from themselves. Whatever they aspire to do, the first step will always be the process of making themselves ready for that. One should not fall into some professional course without having proper insight about it or becoming mentally ready for it.

  1. Choose carefully

An aspiring Management Student must never choose a college based on comfort and restriction levels. This is not at all a professional attitude. They should first decide what they want to become. They can either be a business person, a professional or a salaried man. The final decision is up to them. They should also choose their specialization (like, HR, Finance, Marketing, etc.) while doing their BBA course according to their future career plan after the course completion.

  1. Research is the key

Assuming that one has followed the above steps, they must now have learnt the importance of planning. So, how should one plan? The answer is, “Research”. One may have chosen a degree or two, but now they will have to analyze it. They should ask what they will learn in it. Hence, they should go through the syllabus and curriculum beforehand and imagine themselves clinging on to it for the next two to three years. Then, they should reflect whether it is worthwhile.

  1. Improve your communication skills

This is the most common advice and perhaps a boring one that an aspiring management student will receive from almost everyone. The important thing to note here is that this ‘Communication Skill’ advice is always targeted at the English language proficiency level, which is not the only thing to upgrade. What is equally important is that one should be brave enough to deliver their thoughts in front of a crowd or to some stranger even in their mother tongue. As far as fluency in English language is concerned, one can find a plethora of sources like reading English language novels, watching English TV shows with subtitles and also watching one’s local language movie with English subtitles.

  1. Be prepared

Apart from the above mentioned things, there are several other mandatory things an aspiring Management Student should concentrate upon. Some of the basic things one must practice and prepare before they enter the college are:

  • They should open a bank account and get familiar with some basic banking processes like Deposit, Withdrawal, Reading statements, etc.
  • They should learn to cook and do laundry.
  • They should learn to talk to strangers.
  • They should learn budget preparation and money management.
  • They should familiarize themselves with the college environment.
  • They should keep track of government or any other private scholarships and never be ignorant on scholarship-related matters.
  • They should maintain a file with copies of all essential documents like Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Passport, PAN card, Board Exam mark sheets, passport-size photographs, etc.
  • They should buy a smartphone and a network connection.
  • They should familiarize themselves with formal wear if they have not yet.

That’s about all the important things every prospective Management Student must make a note of and remember to do before going to college.