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BBA Course after 12th: Course details, Eligibility and Career opportunities

What is BBA?

Today, Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA Course happens to be one of the most popular bachelor’s degrees. This degree course is all about the management of a business, company or organization. Here, one gets to learn skills and in-depth knowledge of the business world and all the intricate aspects of running a business. This is easily one of the best professional degrees that is highly popular with 12th pass students today.

There is a general misconception that a BBA Course is only good if one wants to do an MBA. The truth is that BBA on its own also has a lot of value, and BBA graduates are able to find great career opportunities right after their college. There is a lot more to this degree than just being a stepping stone for an MBA.

Following are some of the key information about the BBA Course that can help one make an informed decision on what course to follow after their 12th standard exam.

BBA Course: Eligibility Criteria in India

One needs to have certain qualifications if they want to pursue BBA. There are other factors as well, but they may differ from college to college. However, this is the criteria that Class 12 pass out students need to fit into.

BBA degree Eligibility Criteria in India:

  • One needs to be 12th pass from a recognized board of education.
  • One needs to have a certain percentage score decided by the BBA College they are seeking admission in.
  • Many BBA colleges also have entrance exams for admission to the BBA course. One needs to clear these entrance exams as well.

Career & Job Opportunities After BBA Course in India

One of the biggest factors for students choosing BBA is the career and job opportunities it brings. Most of these careers come with a good salary and benefits packages with several opportunities to grow and move to higher positions.

Here are the top 5 career & job opportunities after BBA course:

  1. Marketing Executive

Students who have great people skills, can consider being a marketing executive. They will be required to do some fieldwork, but there is a lot of planning and strategizing involved as well. They get to market their company’s products and services, build brands, design and execute campaigns and more. This is a challenging, but exciting job that brings in a good salary as well.

  1. HR Manager

The HR Manager is generally responsible for the Human Resources department. Their job as a manager is to bridge the gap between employees and the management. They are also responsible to ensure good working conditions. Thus, an HR Manager is an integral part of an organization and ensures its smooth functioning and they are entitled to a good salary and benefits package in most organizations.

  1. Research & Development Manager

Research & Development is one of the most important departments in a company that sells products and related services. As the research & development manager, one will be responsible for a company’s inventing and innovating capabilities, new & improved products, planning & strategizing and more.

  1. Sales Executives

Sales is what drives a company. As a sales executive, incumbents will be one of the most important people in the company. They will be responsible for the direct sales of the products and services of the company. They will mostly need to be on the field. They may even get opportunities to travel around the country or overseas. Sales executives get a good salary, but they are also entitled to get sales commissions, where most of the sales executives can earn quite a substantial amount.

  1. Accounting Manager

Students who have specialized in an accounting-related subject and are an expert in management accounting, can get the position of accounting manager. They will handle all the accounts of the company and become an important part of the financial planning and strategizing. Since they will be the money person in the company, they can expect a good salary and benefits.