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BBA: Your First Step To The Vibrant Business World

Today’s business world is evolving and is more dynamic than ever. Aspiring students who wish to enter the field of management can best do so by pursuing a BBA specialization. At Asian School of Business (ASB), we believe that for every student, the first step into the business world is through a degree like BBA.

Pursuing a BBA specialization can surely kick-start a student’s career in business, management, or the specialization they choose for their undergraduate studies. As one of the fastest growing courses, a BBA degree works by giving students a 360-degree outlook of the vibrant commercial world. This kind of overview is essential for students who wish to work as managers or entrepreneurs in future.

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is basically a three-year degree program divided into six semesters. The program includes all aspects related to business operations including and not limited to – finance, human resources, marketing, sales, administration, accounting, and entrepreneurship. Here, students get an in-depth understanding of the various business functions and processes that generally aid in decision-making.

We at ASB offer several different specializations, all rooted in the specific functions of the modern business world. Look for ASB BBA admission procedure to get admission in any of the courses.

Pursuing BBA at ASB is Your First Step in the Business World

In many ways, the ever-expanding business world of today has taken the competition to the next level. In fact, today’s organizations demand students to be thorough with knowledge about their undergraduate degree and we at ASB solely aim for that.

Industry-Aligned Specialized Courses

Asian School of Business provides specialized BBA programs that are industry-aligned and rooted in practical applications. The programs here allow students to truly focus on one industry and create a niche for themselves.

Moreover, our students get a big industrial advantage due to our numerous collaborations with industry leaders around the world. The USPs of specialized programs help students to kick-start their career in the right direction.

Hands-on Industrial Experience

BBA curriculum at ASB centers around industry learning. This helps students to adapt to the challenges and information regarding the chosen field of study. With an industry-aligned course, ASB BBA students will also work on research projects, and case studies. Frequent industry visits are also a part of the ASB BBA curriculum that help students understand the intricacies of management and everything that it has to offer.

Exposure, Experience, and Placements

At Asian School of Business, students get industrial exposure that is necessary to take on a managerial job. The nature of the ASB BBA program is such that it provides an excellent experience to take on real-time jobs. Such exposure and experience during college will surely help get better opportunities.

ASB Placement Record

The placements at Asian School of Business stand at 100% with over 300 recruiters hiring students every year. The top recruiters at the school are from different sectors namely IT, BFSI, Consulting, FMCG, Healthcare, Automobile, Real Estate, Hospitality, etc. The number of organizations and the packages offered has consistently increased over the years.