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Benefits of BBA over Engineering related to career growth

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and engineering courses like Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) are two much favoured choices of courses after class 12th. Generally speaking, the trend is that science students choose to go for B.Tech, and commerce students opt for BBA. The main reason for this is that science is a mandatory requirement for B.Tech because the curriculum demands it. However, this does not mean BBA is a bad course for any science student. To talk of the benefits of BBA versus the benefits of engineering courses like B.Tech, it can be said that both B.Tech and BBA can prove to be a great choice of an undergraduate course for any student and it all depends upon their personal choice and preferences.

Here, it may be mentioned that engineering courses like B.Tech was once considered to be one of the most prestigious degree courses in India. However, many students are now opting for a postgraduate course such as an MBA after graduation. In this scenario, it is suggested that one should consider the choice of postgraduate course before they choose their undergraduate degree.

Coming back to the question of benefits of BBA over engineering related to career growth, the fact is that there are a number of reasons to consider BBA the better degree or to select B.Tech as one’s choice of course and each has its own merits. In fact, both courses have a wide scope in the corporate sector and provide a good platform for growth.

Benefits of studying BBA

BBA, essentially, is a 3-year undergraduate course in the field of management. It is a good course of choice for any student who wishes to make a career in the field of business and management. This is because:

  • When it comes to understanding the key concepts of business management, BBA helps a student get an early start.
  • For students who wish to take up a managerial role or manage their own business in the future, BBA turns out to be a good choice of course.
  • There are a number of specializations that are available in a BBA course which makes it possible for students to choose their particular area of expertise.
  • In terms of cost, BBA courses are not very expensive and they promise good returns as well.
  • Again, since it is a 3-year course, BBA plus MBA can be completed in just 5 years.

Benefits of studying engineering courses like B.Tech

Engineering courses like B.Tech is a 4-year undergraduate degree course that basically focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of technical education. It happens to be one of the top choices of courses for a science student in India and for good reason:

  • The course curriculum of engineering courses like B.Tech helps students in developing not only technical but overall aptitude.
  • Often, B.Tech students are found to be good at reasoning and mathematical skills.
  • Industries that are technology-driven industry, have a high demand for engineering students having a degree like B.Tech degree.

Career scope of BBA

As far as career scope is concerned, students who have completed their BBA are eligible to choose from an array of sectors that include Human Resources (Appraisals, Placements, Hiring Activities, Performance evaluation), Project Planner (Production Supervisor, Business Administrator), Finance Sector (Accountant, Management Trainee, Financial analyst), and Sales & Marketing (Management trainees, Business development executives, Marketing executives).

Career scope of engineering courses like B.Tech

On the other hand, aspirants looking to pursue B.Tech can choose from the various fields of study available to them that include Computer Science & Engineering, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics (Communication & Instrumentation) Engineering, Information Technology, Nanotechnology, Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering (Food Technology Engineering), Chemical Engineering, and Mechatronic Engineering, and accordingly move on into the specific careers.


Thus we see that there are a number of good reasons to consider BBA the better degree or to select B.Tech as one’s choice of course and each has its own merits. And, both courses have a wide scope in the corporate sector and provide a good platform for career growth. The final choice obviously depends upon one’s personal likes and preferences.