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Choosing between BBA & B.Com depends upon inclination, aptitude and passion of Student

The question of choosing between BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)and B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) is sometimes not an easy one for a student on the threshold of a opting for a graduation course in business studies. In reality, the best choice between BBA or B.Com solely depends upon the student’s inclination, aptitude and passion.

Thus, whether you opt for B.Com or BBA, it entirely depends on your inclination, preference and aptitude as well. Both of them are 3-year Bachelor courses post HSC/12th and both provide a wide range of exciting career options.

Before we go into depth of the courses, let us take a look at the basics of what the courses are all about.B.Com or Bachelor of Commerce is an undergraduate degree in the field of commerce or management education. The course is fundamentally designed for students who are good in numbers.

On the other hand, BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. This course is for students who have a flair for managerial skills. The course, therefore, mainly includes basic business studies and further advanced with specific focus as well.

What Course Should You Pursue?

Broadly, people who want to pursue B.Com want to be hardcore financial number crunchers. They are people generally dedicated to Finance and even if they pursue MBA after B.Com, they normally select Finance as their area of specialization. Apart from MBA, they can also choose to pursue M.Com, CA or ICWA.

These students can also join jobs in accounts department of some good companies or they can also work with banks and finance & tax consultants.

Compared to this, BBA course is an all-inclusive course which aims to better equip the students with other aspects of business apart from Finance like Human Resource, Marketing, Operations and Information Systems.In addition, BBA course is industry-tailored one aimed at equipping students with the requisite managerial skills.

Students who graduate by opting for BBA can normally pursue their post-graduation in MBA; alternatively, they can also seek employment in companies as management trainees.

Some students may also decide to pursue part-time MBA while working. As a BBA graduate, one can undertake to specialize in Finance as well as streams like HR, Operations, Production and Material Management, Marketing, Information Systems.

Choice of College

There are very few good colleges in Noida offering BBA course with likes of Asian School of Business (ASB) being a premier one, whereas the number of well-known colleges offering B. Com are plenty.

If you are keen on Finance, then you might opt for B. Com even if you get selected for BBA, depending upon the college’s reputation.Alternatively, if you are open to explore management streams including those other than Finance and you also want to study a course for getting quickly absorbed in the corporate/business sector, then you might as well opt for BBA.

Notwithstanding all this, several times it is difficult to make up your mind;so in that case, it is best to take an aptitude test to understand what you are best suited for.

In short,the choice between BBA and B Com depends upon the aptitude of the student, score in the entrance exam, college’s reputation, career prospects, growth opportunities and for that matter even some potential constraints.

It is therefore advised not to think of how much money you will be able to make, but carefully analyze your interests and aptitude before choosing an alternative and then steadily work towards honing your aptitude and skills in your specific area of interest.