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How Asian School of Business adapted Technology in Education and Taking a Leap over Traditional Teaching

Come to think of it, the current COVID-19 pandemic has been troublesome for everybody. And, that includes BBA/BCA/B.Com colleges like Asian School of Business (ASB), Noida. In fact, a large number of the undergraduate colleges like Asian School of Business (ASB), Noida have had to not only push their admission dates, but also had to adapt technology in their academic delivery and in the process took a big leap over traditional teaching methodologies.

Distinguished academicians from all across the nation have understood this factor. They are subsequently changing the current year’s educational plan to consolidate E-learnings into practically all subjects instructed in the BBA/BCA/B.Com program.

Even the Government needs to fathom the demand and supply just as the monetary state of the individuals. Likewise, from the business system to human assets to supply management, everything has an exercise to instruct during this time.

As is evident all around, this lockdown has also adversely affected the economy. In any case, we additionally need to guarantee that we do not go into a downturn. This comprises a great deal of elements which the administration, social orders, alongside all the authoritative establishments must guarantee.

Handy reasoning and information happens to be the two essential ranges of abilities of a BBA/BCA/B.Com graduate. So the question is – how do BBA/BCA/B.Com programs guarantee to advance consistently and still stay pertinent to the necessities of the students, society, and organization on the loose?

Today’s dynamic condition requires that everything develops at a fast scale, and subsequently BBA/BCA/B.Com programs need to satisfy the hopes of scouts as well as all the partners.

Here, let us take a closer look at some of the potential approaches to guarantee continuous up-gradation of the BBA/BCA/B.Com programs:

Express Need to Move towards Online Learning

In view of the present situation, there is an express need to push for internet learning today.  Instructors in various parts of India are making a vigorous effort to guarantee that the students’ learning is not hampered. This is because students and youth all over the world have been badly affected by school and college terminations.

Thus, presently all educational establishments including Asian School of Business (ASB) are moving towards web-based instruction. In fact, a blend of online instruction and vis-à-vis is something that may likewise stay later on even when Covid-19 pandemic gets over.

Emphasis on Personalized Learning

The concept of ‘Personalized Learning’ hints that students can learn at their own pace and time as indicated by their learning designs. Students are the most talented group and ought to subsequently be given an impulse to comprehend and discover answers for the pandemic circumstance.

In view of the current disturbed state of the economy and the challenging business situation, students can utilize their time in learning new aptitudes as well as planning techniques or hardware that can help India at a worldwide level and, thus, mankind. Therefore, in this hour of emergency, a balanced and all-encompassing instructive practice will surely help light up the capacity building of youthful personalities.

In conclusion, it may be said that a multi-pronged methodology is absolutely crucial to deal with this emergency and put together a robust Indian education system for the long run.