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The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has already begun to affect the BCA application process. Many aspiring students looking forward to BCA admissions have questions on how to respond to changes such as canceled visits, interviews, and testing dates. To help during this global crisis, here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

Question: My campus visit was canceled, now what?

Answer: If you did not get a chance to visit your top choice BCA college before many campuses closed for the semester, do not panic! While normally we stress the importance of courting your target top BCA colleges and visiting campuses, this expectation will be lifted this application season. While there is a chance that some BCA colleges will allow visits later in the semester or over the summer, do not wait for this. Instead, focus on other ways you can familiarize yourself with each of your target programs. Each year we have countless candidates who cannot visit campuses due to financial or geographic limitations yet successfully navigate the BCA application process.

Question: How else can I get to know my target BCA colleges?

Answer: As with any other year, reaching out to alumni within your network is a great way to learn more about the programs. Similarly, current students (even if they are not currently on campus) are a great resource. Connect with club leaders or other students with shared interests via phone or video chat. Many colleges have dedicated websites with lists of students that you can reach out to. Some even allow you to search based on their background.

Question: How are campuses reacting?

Answer: Most campuses are canceling in-person admissions events. However, they are increasing their online offerings. While staff members are currently busy setting up their own virtual working office and accommodations for current students, we expect they will soon turn their attention to rolling out additional online admissions programs.

Question: What about interviews?

Answer: Most face-to-face interviews left this season will be conducted online. Prepare for these as you would any other interview and be sure to dress the part for all video interviews. Videos and video interviews have been increasing in popularity in recent years even before the virus came and we suspect this trend will continue.

Question: What should I do if my AIMA UGAT test dates get canceled?

Answer: As more and more testing centers close, candidates may have a narrower window to take the AIMA UGAT this season. This means that you want to be extra prepared when it comes to test time. It is recommended that you continue to study as planned and take a full-length practice test during your originally scheduled date. Try to mimic testing conditions as much as possible to give you the best indication of where you stand. Then, use this benchmark to develop your study plan, keeping in mind you may have fewer chances to perfect your score this year. That said, BCA colleges may be more flexible on dates that they will accept scores.

Question: How should I change my overall application strategy?

Answer: As more and more applicants are working from home and canceling social engagements, use this extra time to your advantage. Think about the sections of the BCA application you can complete now and get ahead. Not only will this free up time to take the AIMA UGAT but you will appreciate having the head start when life gets back to normal!