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Popular misconceptions about the BBA Course to be avoided

If we look around the variety of undergraduate programmes that are today available for Class 12 pass out students, one is sure to discover that BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration stands out as one of the best courses in terms of great career options for aspiring students. This is one of the biggest reasons that this course happens to be one of the most popular courses today among the students after the completion of their 12th board examinations. As a matter of fact, this course can be truly illuminating for the students before they decide to enter the professional world. This is because the best BBA colleges in India like Asian School of Business (ASB)-Noida have made several significant changes in the course which are more inclined to widen the mental horizon of the students. Yet, as it happens with all good things in life, there are some popular myths and misconceptions about the BBA course which needs to be understood in the right perspective and carefully avoided.

Is there any difference between B.Com and BBA?

A general myth about the BBA course is that there is no such difference between it and a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) course. The fact is that this idea is totally incorrect. The key difference is whereas BBA is a business or management degree and it involves subjects related to management, B.Com on the other hand, is a degree of accounts and commerce. Thus, while BBA lets one scout the work of managerial positions in marketing, finance, IT and HR, B.Com fundamentally focuses on work of accountants, CA, CS and so on.

Is BBA suitable only for commerce students?

There is a myth that a BBA course is only for commerce students and hence it is not suitable for students from other streams of study. The fact is that BBA is open and suitable for students of all courses and streams of study. So, whether one is from science, commerce or arts background, they all can get into BBA. Albeit, subjects like economics and accountancy may appear easier for commerce students.

Is there no other option other than MBA after graduating with BBA?

The answer is that MBA is certainly not the only option after BBA. In fact, there are an abundance of top-line courses which one can pursue after BBA like Journalism & Mass Communication, Hotel Management, Architecture, Law, etc.

Does BBA not provide employment opportunities?

Again, this is a totally false alarm. The fact is that BBA is a course which can get a student a job quite early on in their life. Top corporate companies routinely look out for BBA students and grant them great opportunities to work with them. A point to note here is that students who pursue BBA from one of the best BBA colleges in Delhi NCR or any part of the country, enjoy brighter chances to find a job offer immediately after the completion of their course.

So we see that BBA really stands out as one of the best courses for students after their 12th class. By way of this blog article, we hope that you would not be carried away by these myths and misconceptions about the BBA course and would confidently decide your career in BBA.