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Top 10 reasons to Study BBA

BBA or Bachelors of Business Administration is an undergraduate course that has come into major prominence in the last two decades. Basically a professional degree, it focuses on the core aspect of business and management such as decision, finance, market trends, entrepreneurship development, strategy, etc. The course also addresses topics like team skills, communication skills and managerial skills.

Let us take a look at Top 10 reasons to Study BBA:

Reason No.1: Early Learning

The BBA course helps one acquire professional skills at an early stage of their career. Even before you start working, you will acquire all the skills required to be a management professional. Here, a candidate learns and gets a deep understanding and development of important business skills such as communication skills, leadership, critical thinking, and decision-making.

Reason No. 2: Lesser Investment

The BBA degree has so much value that even without pursuing a higher degree, one can get several job opportunities in every sector. Moreover, it can be pursued in lesser amount of money as compared to other popular courses like engineering, medical, law, etc. There are several reputed BBA colleges in India like Asian School of Business (ASB), Noida which offer this course with an affordable fee.

Reason No.3: More Time to Learn Management Concepts

While doing a BBA course, one gets a total time of 3 years to learn basic concepts of business and management. The duration of this course is quite sufficient to learn a wide range of topics like business economics, computer fundamentals, accounting principles, business law, financial management, and marketing.

Reason No. 4: Significant Experience

Nearly all candidates having BBA degrees can work directly with the operations, marketing, sales or strategic teams, market trends and more. This is because the course gives them a good exposure and experience. Here, candidates can easily develop market-relevant skills and focus on the latest trends.

Reason No. 5: Prepares for Managerial Roles

The BBA course prepares one for managerial roles in sync with the demand of various industries. A BBA graduate can easily find a well-paid entry-level job, on completion of the program. Moreover, there is no end to excellent job opportunities for candidates who pursue MBA after BBA. Right from the beginning of the program, it teaches you to develop a managerial approach.

Reason No. 6: Scope of Growth

BBA graduates get good market exposure and significant experience after getting a degree from any of the top BBA colleges in India. The scope of growth is immense and fast-faced. Candidates with BBA degree easily climb up the corporate ladder rapidly and can become a team leader or manager in just 3-4 years. Such candidates can be further trained for mid-level and senior-level managerial roles.

Reason No.7: Remuneration

All candidates dream of a good remuneration in their career. And, candidates who earn a degree from a top BBA college like Asian School of Business (ASB) in Noida get excellent packages right from the very start itself. BBA freshers can expect to get up to Rs 4 Lakhs per annum onwards, and experienced candidates can expect up to Rs 8 to 10 lakhs per annum. Nonetheless, salaries vary from company to company.

Reason No. 8: Market Requirements

Of late, the Indian market has been expanding at an accelerated rate. The existing companies are expanding, and new startups are coming-up a regular basis now. Candidates with sound operations and business knowledge are required by all the industries and all the companies today. Therefore, candidates after earning this degree from Best BBA Colleges in NCR can easily be a part of the business/operations /strategy teams of these companies.

Reason No. 9: Higher Studies

A big advantage of getting a BBA degree is that a student becomes thoroughly eligible to pursue their higher studies in business management. This is because BBA happens to be the main foundation course for pursuing MBA, Masters of Business Management. Besides, candidates can also go for other Master’s programs such as Masters if Business Economic (MBE), Masters in Economics from a top BBA college in India.

Reason No.10: Covers a Lot of Subjects

The course curriculum of BBA covers a lot of subjects to give the students ample amount of knowledge related to Business Administration. These subjects build their theoretical foundation and prepare them to get into an internship during their college years. These subjects also build a strong base for students who wish to go for higher studies like MBA. The 5 core disciplines that one will cover as a BBA student include Marketing, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Accounting, and Strategic Management.

There is no doubt that BBA has a great demand in every sector nowadays, and candidates can expect excellent packages after attaining a BBA degree. Thus we see that there are ample reasons to Study BBA in contemporary times.

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