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management certifications

There are many reasons why management students should take certification courses. 


The first reason for doing so is so that they can get familiar with the latest trends in management and their impact on the modern world of business. Also, certifications can be a valuable tool in a variety of industries. It is an independent assessment of the skills. 


Typically, one can obtain diplomas and certifications from organizations, government agencies, or any educational institution.


Speaking of educational institutions, the Asian School of Business is one of the best BBA colleges in Noida, offering a Bachelor of Business Administration degree under affiliation with CCS University. ASB Noida not only offers a BBA general degree but a BBA international as well. It gives students an international edge of having the opportunity to learn about global business management and acquire skills to apply in the real world. 


How Do Management Certifications And Diplomas Benefit?

management certifications benefits


The Asian School of Business, being the best BBA college in Delhi, NCR knows how to cater to the market requirements and impart tools that create value for its students in the present and the future.


They know that the professional certifications and additional diplomas can speed up careers in highly-specialized fields such as human resources, accounting, and information technology. 


So, let’s look at how obtaining certification or additional diplomas can benefit management students:




Having professional certifications as a foundation gives an advantage right off the bat. With the additional training, exclusive information, and advanced knowledge, one will be ready for employment and will require less training than other recruits.


Overall getting a professional certification and diploma contributes to maximizing efficiency and effectiveness from the very beginning.


Skill Set And Knowledge


There is no surprise that by keeping up with emerging industry trends and technology, students will be able to seamlessly incorporate new methods and processes into the existing routine. Maintaining a high level of competence and efficiency in a specialized field can be achieved by continuously learning and developing new skills. 


Professional Credibility


In response to the increasing value of professional certifications to employers, many of them now require certifications for employees or consultants.


This is not only an indication of professionalism or adherence to the highest standards in the industry, but it also demonstrates the willingness to learn.


These traits can help students to become more credible within their professional network, including clients and employers.


How Does ASB Noida Contribute to Adding Value To a BBA Degree?

asb business school



In addition to ASVB’s  BBA degree, it also provides students with the opportunity to gain additional diplomas and certification courses. These additional courses help students sharpen their skills and acquire expertise in particular domains. 


Few of the ASB’s additional certifications and diplomas include:


Certification in International Workshop Business of Entertainment at USC Campus, USA

usc campus



How exciting would it be to study abroad? 


Yes! ASB Noida offers the chance to have a 10-day residential learning trip to the University of Southern California – School of Cinematic Arts in the USA.


In this program, students get international exposure through a workshop on Business of Entertainment at USC Campus along with a city tour and sightseeing, which creates a perfect blend of learning and fun in a global environment. It is designed to complement the lessons taught during classes for the Diploma in Business of Entertainment.


The workshop equips students with skills in using integrated marketing communication strategies in media and entertainment brands, along with techniques for determining the financial feasibility of entertainment projects.


As a result, students have an edge when applying for jobs and internships in the entertainment industry. 


Diploma in Business of Entertainment from Asian Academy of Film and TV  

Asian Academy of Film and TV


By earning this diploma, students are better equipped to apply for jobs and internships in the entertainment industry because they acquire skills that can be applied in reality through workshops at USC-SCA.


AAFT’s Diploma in Business of Entertainment program covers topics such as:


  • Entertainment marketing


The purpose of this course is to provide participants with knowledge of the latest developments in the media and entertainment industry as well as to keep them up to date on consumer buying trends and integrated marketing communication strategies.


  • Entertainment Finance


In entertainment finance, profit sharing is often used to repay investors. Whenever an entertainment project makes a profit, investors are paid a percentage of the profit based on the amounts and timing of their investments. Stockholders of a production company can see their share prices rise as they make money.  So, as an investment destination, this sector has seen high capital inflows.


Therefore, by taking this course, students learn techniques and tools of financial management and project evaluation, which are critical for determining the financial success of an entertainment project.


  • Business Interests of Managers


The objectives of this course pertain to the profitability and strategic interest areas of entertainment firms, such as market share. Within the scope of this module, the participation of various agents in the entertainment industry, along with the interrelationship between their interests, is discussed.


Certification Program in Executive Social Media Marketing & Business Analytics from NIIT

Social Media Marketing & Business Analytics from NIIT


By earning this Diploma, students will be able to discover how to effectively use the Internet for marketing. Students gain experience in engaging with customers online, and planning and implementing end-to-end lead generation using an online mode.


The course will help students to understand what Digital Marketing is and why it is a vital part of a marketing strategy. In addition, they will be able to efficiently manage social media, display marketing, search marketing, online advertising, marketing campaigns, and much more.


Competitive Exam Course-work Certificate Program from CETA-CL 

Competitive Exam Course-work


Nowadays, in a constantly changing competitive business environment, proficiency in aptitude skills defines one from the rest and improves not only one’s CV but also one’s intelligence, decision-making and interpersonal abilities.


This course prepares students for competitive exams like CAT, XAT, etc. to give them an edge over their peers in the current competitive industry.


Additionally, this module also trains students for a wide range of competitive examinations, such as the Bank Probationary Officer (PO), the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) Exams, and the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Exam series.


Certification in Family Business Management from EDIC-ASB

Certification in Family Business Management


With the Certificate in Family Business Management (FBM), students will be able to bolster management and technical skills with the strategies and tools to incorporate social and human factors into advice given to business families.


The course will help in developing & delivering better solutions for the clients and business startups, helping students build a lucrative niche for their practice in a market with substantial potential in India and abroad.


Diploma in Media Applications from the Asian Academy of Film and TV

Diploma in Media Applications


The media industry has already experienced tremendous growth and continues to offer increasing employment opportunities to skilled and talented people around the globe.


And it has now been realized how important professional management is to media organizations.


This diploma combines education with a general overview of business and media production with the basics of business administration. In addition to the technical, artistic, and business aspects of print journalism, ASB Noida also focuses on television and radio productions, filmmaking, distribution, and web-based multimedia productions.


The purpose of these additional Certifications and Diplomas is to acquire the necessary skills for today’s market. And with prior knowledge of the work responsibilities, these courses help individuals adapt easily to the work environment and advance rapidly in their careers. 


So, if any management aspirant is interested in taking a BBA degree a notch further, one must enrol in the Asian School of Business. Spectacular career opportunities are among the most striking benefits of studying BBA at ASB Noida.