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Why Asian School of Business B.Com Programme is important for you?

For decades, one of the many popular choices opted by students across India has been the Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com Programme, especially for those who wish to pursue a career in the commercial or corporate sector. While there are many other popular courses, in a B. Com Programme the scope of gaining knowledge, skills, and training to tackle the corporate world is completely different than other courses. In India, like in other countries, B.Com is a highly career-centric course, wherein, the students are trained in the different aspects of commerce and entrepreneurship. Therefore, like many academic programmes, the candidates undertaking a B. Com Programme will be trained to face challenges and provide a new perspective in the field as well. It is here that the B. Com Programme offered at Asian School of Business (ASB) stands out as an excellent option for aspiring students.

Let us now take a look at some of the key reasons why Asian School of Business B.Com Programme is important for you:

(1)    Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com Programme at Asian School of Business (ASB) is a 3-year full-time degree program affiliated to Ch. Charan Singh University (CCS), Meerut. The course is designed and structured to provide the young minds with an intellectually stimulating learning environment and to provide them the basic understanding of the finance and commerce related concepts.

(2)    The objective of this B.Com Programme at Asian School of Business is to produce excellent professionals who can translate theory into practice and are capable of identifying and solving finance related management problems at a later stage. The approach towards teaching is more practical where knowledge is imparted for the practical applications in the corporate world.

(3)    This undergraduate B.Com Programme at Asian School of Business equips the students with an in-depth understanding of financial related aspects coupled with intensive industry exposure. The course curriculum is designed after in-depth study of the requirements of all stakeholders and the ever-changing demands of the industry.

(4)    The salient features of the B.Com Programme at Asian School of Business also include enhancing the soft skills of students and maximizing the industry interface through various initiatives. The program also offers high levels of flexibility and learning opportunities to students.

(5)    Asian School of Business follows the norms of CCS University for the conduct of examinations & declaration of results which is at the sole discretion of CCS University, Meerut.

(6)    The curriculum of the B.Com Programme at Asian School of Business is flexible and includes lectures, case studies and integrative exercises. The focus of teaching ASB B.Com students is to build up their ability to solve various problems associated with business enterprises. The students here also get a platform to make themselves familiar with the fast changing global business scenario.

(7)    Last but not the least, in addition to the regular B.Com Programme, Asian School of Business provides four additional courses and certifications to all its B.Com students – namely, Certification in Goods & Services Tax- GST, Competitive Exam Course-work Certificate Program from CETA-CL, Diploma in Media Applications from Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT), and Certification in Corporate Communication from CSD – that greatly enhances the value of the B.Com Programme at Asian School of Business and makes the ASB B.Com students’ resume stand-out of the crowd.

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