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Experiential Learning with Vodafone Mobile Services Ltd.

“Wherever you go, our network follows” signifies the importance of Network Coverage for a common man. “Happy to help” states the effectiveness of customer service. “Power to You” says that more power is given to the people.

These are the taglines of Vodafone Mobile Services Ltd., a multinational company which provides telecommunications and information technology services to large corporations.

With the added benefit of learning about media and entertainment and corporate communication as a part of their program, PGDM 2014-16 batch students definitely have an advantage as they join an organization with which, 180 million Indians have chosen to stay.

Asian Business School heartily congratulates PGDM 14-16 students Gaurav Kaushik, Sachit Yadav, Ankur Dixit, Chetna Baweja, Alok Kr.Tripathi and Anand Kumar Dubey as they gear up to complete their summer internship and become a part of a system which keeps customers at the heart of everything.

Commencing 4th May 2015, Asianites will be working closely with the experts at Vodafone and will be interacting with clients apprising them of various projects which mark the future of marketing and shopping. Along with that, they will also be interacting with the elite BMW customers who are currently being serviced by Vodafone.

We are thrilled by the diligence and commitment our students have showcased. We wish you all the best for the future.