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Distinguished Guest Lecture Series – Ms. Meenakshi Khera

Asian School of Business organised a guest lecture for students of BBA on 11th Feb 2019Ms. Meenakshi Khera, Director – HR, Fast Booking India was the speaker and she talked on the topic “Campus to Corporate – Current HR Trends”. She primarily made students cognizant about the current trends that are prevalent at the time of recruitment of manpower so that they can work in the right direction accordingly.

She talked about Surge of People Analytics in HR Management as with its ability to produce insights into the workforce shall help companies to retain better talent and they shall be in a better position to spot the employees who may be planning to leave. As per her, use of People Analytics is becoming more prevalent over the past couple of years. Data provided is allowing HR professionals to have a better understanding about the needs and concerns of their employees.

In reply to some of the queries, she did throw light on Increased Migration to the Cloud with cloud-based HRMS, payroll as well as talent management services, financial and other ERP solutions offerings in the cloud, the question is not that “if” a company will move to the cloud, but it more of “when” shall it do so.

She also talked about changes in Talent Sourcing as the norm is shifting from full time employment trends to a mix of increasingly hiring remote workers, the ones who may be fine with flexible schedules or for that matter the part time workers. This approach is changing the way HR professionals recruit candidates with technology playing a major role over here.

As per her, Intelligent Apps and Analytics are on rise as far as their use in HR recruitment is concerned. She was of the opinion that Machine learning HR applications are changing the dynamics of work as well as the structure of workplace. Various Applications for attracting better talent, worker performance analysis, enterprise management, applicant tracking etc. are improving better decision making.

She also focused on the Smarter Recruitment as the relevant market is thriving with innovation and HR is using these tools to help locate people with the right mix of capabilities and learning skills, not merely the technical abilities. High volume recruitment is being automated, skilled job hiring is being transformed by open sourcing tools as well as recruitment management systems.

To wind off her session, she talked about use of Artificial Intelligence playing an important role during working in the organizations. As a result, manpower working over there needs to be good in more than one skill otherwise they may start losing jobs on account of increased use of Artificial Intelligence. In other words, she advised the students to develop themselves to be good at multi tasking, otherwise the things may not be bright in coming days.

It may be added that Meenakshi Khera is the 5th Femina World Leadership award winner and is currently working as Director – HR with Fast Booking India Ltd. and heading the human resource of 350+ employees. She has been leading the organization for the past 13 years and also has worked with LG Life sciences at senior position. All in all, the students came to know about lot many things that they expressed would go a long way in helping them to improve on their skills set and be better equipped so as to be capable employees which the firms would love to have them as their business partners.