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Expert talk on One Planet- One Habitat

“Redefining process requires an expanded understanding of ourselves as a species, including truths about the human spirit itself”.

Asian School of Business organised an international expert talk on “One Planet, One Habitat” on November 22, focusing on preserving Mother Earth and creating a sustainable community with a harmonious approach. The honourable keynote speaker was Dr. Arthur Lyon Dahl, President of the International Environment Forum, and a consultant on sustainability, environmental assessment, and indicators to the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, UNESCO, and UNEP. His fondness for delivering sessions both online and offline is widely recognized. He has authored books that include “Unless and Until: A Baha’i Focus on the Environment,” “The Eco Principle: Ecology and Economics in Symbiosis,” and “In Pursuit of Hope: A Guide for the Seeker.”

As he participated in UN conferences on the environment, sustainable development, and climate change, he delivered an exemplary session on redefining progress and a common agenda to measure economic prosperity and progress. With facts and figures, he presented that gross domestic product (GDP) has failed to capture the human and environmental destruction of some business activities and threw light on new measures to complement GDP. He presented an insightful vision of why a sustainable world is still out of our reach and why progress needs to be understood in new terms as we expect infinite growth on a finite planet.

The session was insightful and infused with the learning of values, sustainable growth, and determination to preserve our mother nature with the innovative use of technology and limited resources. A lot of students raised their curiosity in the form of questions on India’s sustainable capacity and how we can measure sustainability in simpler terms. Dr. Arthur Lyon Dahl responded to all the queries and imparted great learning.