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74th Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day has tremendous significance in the history of India. This is the day that infuses the people with a spirit of patriotism and love for their motherland. It makes them rekindle all the memories that are related to the sacrifices of people who have shed their blood to ensure that we see the light of this day.

Asian School of Business too believes that in order to create a powerful nation wherein we cherish every shred of our motherland and respect the sacrifices of our forefathers, we need to come together for occasions like this. As our motherland witnessed its 74th Republic Day, ASB family gathered on January 25 to welcome the day with great fervour and enthusiasm. This day holds multifarious importance for the nation, as it was on this day that the nation showcased its democratic prowess by bringing into effect its constitutional values, which too reflect the civilizational and cultural blend of our society.

Right from the front desk of the campus, which was beautifully decorated and highly loaded with an aesthetic undertone, to every nook and corner of the campus, the entire ASB exhibited a vibrant fragrance of patriotism and love for the motherland. All the staff members strictly followed the dress code in accordance with the theme of Republic Day, with a badge of the Indian flag. There were numerous performances that displayed our different shades of bonding towards our motherland. Students as well as faculty members recited different songs loaded with patriotic spirit and reverence for the land. Faculty members gave speeches in which they highlighted different aspects of our connection with our country. The audience was impressed with the importance of understanding the true meaning of patriotism, which is to lead the country towards progress and development. The speeches paid much attention to the roles and responsibilities that we as Indian citizens should fulfill.

Towards the end, the ceremony concluded with the national anthem; sweets were distributed too to relish the auspicious occasion.