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Alumni of the Month- January

Any institution’s alumni are key to its growth as alumni add feathers to Institute’s success in the long run and come back and say it was the best decision they made.

Bharat Bhushan stated about the culture of Asian School of Business that one comes as shy individual and becomes an organizer. A proud alumnus, a grounded being who displayed his humbleness in every aspect of his career and achieved success in the very beginning of his career life. His fondness for Athleema; the sports club raised a curiosity to participate and organize events with team. With assistance from the mentors and friends, he developed life skills and boosted his confidence which was for his own growth.

Having a pragmatic approach towards his domain field, he busted every myth related to HR domain or gender biasness. His practical approach was clearly stated in his response that Big MNCs don’t bias against gender. One’s own capability decides whether one should opt for this career or not. His key success mantras were honesty, self-motivation, and confidence to maintain a life balance. With the right place and right guidance from the faculty members, he was able to build self-motivation.

Coming from a government school, he was not very energetic and pro-active. But his determination had it, and so he learnt to converse in English and adopt the culture. He burnt the midnight oil to reach a position where he handles, manages, and responds to the clients effectively and is working as Senior HR Executive, Wipro. He believed coming out of comfort zone and tasting success was entirely a life-changing experience.