AEG KESSHET 2019 – Duplicate Dialogue Bazzi


AEG KESSHET 2019 – Duplicate Dialogue Bazzi

Asian School of Business (a part of Asian Education Group) – one of the top ranked BBA/BCA colleges in Noida – recently held season 6 of its annual inter-college cultural fest known as ‘AEG KESSHET’ on Thursday, 17th January 2019 at its campus in Noida. AEG KESSHET 2019 was celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm, and in complete Bollywood style. One of the attractive event activity at this festive celebration was the “Duplicate Dialogue Bazzi” competition.

This event activity was meant for the ones who loved “Dialogues” … the filmy-ones, of course! The event provided them a chance to prove their flair in this act of creativity!

Only one team from a particular college could participate in this event, with the number of members in a team being restricted to 4 members only. Each of the teams were provided with a video clip a day before the event. They have to re-dialogue the whole scene and present it in a more hilarious and comical manner. The best humorous act under the following guidelines was judged as the winner.

The name of the winner of this event was Shivek from Pearl Academy, Noida.

Here’s your share of the glimpses into that fun-packed event activity.

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