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ASB BBA-BCA Orientation Programme 2018: President Message

On August 1st, Asian School of Business, Noida hosted Orientation Programme for its BBA and BCA batches of 2018-21. Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President, AEG motivated the students with real life experiences and amusing anecdotes. He encouraged them to become individuals who diligently and tirelessly sought their goals without quitting in the face of challenge. He said that in order to test the endurance levels and steadfastness, challenges are thrown in the path of individuals. Only those who courageously try to overcome them can achieve success. He urged them to strengthen their determination and emphasized that one who was determined never failed. He urged them on to dream big and believe in themselves, as others before them had achieved so much, and there is no reason they wouldn’t be able to do so if they kept their faith.

He asked the students to say three times “I can do it”. Each time louder than before the students kept the pitch and enthusiastically jumped to the command.

He insisted that for applauding, clapping hard and loud, vigorously and wholeheartedly should be the order as it energizes  the entire system through acupressure, bringing to life all five hundred nerves at one go and spreading joy throughout the body making one more vibrant.

Prof. Marwah was introduced to the students as a luminary of international acceptance and an accomplished professional with several laurels to his credit in the field of media and entertainment.

He congratulated the students on their selection and welcomed them into the ASB fold, and closed his speech which was followed by a tumultuous applause.