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In the latest Distinguished Lecture Series – An Expert Talk, ASB hosted Mr. Inba Rajan, Senior Vice President, Info Edge Ltd.   Mr. Inba Rajan interacted with students on the topic “Skills required with emerging new age organizations” on 24th Oct 2018.

Mr. Inba comes from internet industry with decades of experience in growth & strategies building.

Mr, Inba Rajan addressed students with sharing facts how internet industry is growing and how info edge has been a part of online disruption.

He shared about how functions and other products like shiksha and study abroad.

Mr. Inba added to his talk that in this growing industry one has to be agile to gaze the development happening around the industry and timely respond to the changes and acquire latest skills sets as well.

He emphasized to learn some online courses to be well versed with latest technologies. He shared that how jobs are going to change in coming future and soon every job will be tech oriented.

Mr. Inba urged all students to be future ready by learning contemporary set of skills like digital marketing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and machine learning.

There were lot many questions from students towards the end of the session and all of them were answered in detailed by Mr. Inba and he wished our students the best for entering into corporate.

CRC team thanked him for coming over and sharing his valuable insights.