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Workshop on Cyber Security and Machine Learning

On Wednesday, 10th April 19’, Asian School of Business (ASB) organized a Workshop on “Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking & Python Machine Learning” for BCA Students. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Devanshu Shukla, Founder, Hackveda Ltd. and Mr. V. K. Shukla, Director, Hackveda Ltd.

The workshop comprised of a live demonstration on how various network connected devices get hacked. Mr. Shukla demonstrated how without even knowing the possible aftermaths, we give our consent to various hackers hidden behind the applications that we generally download an easy access to our devices as well as our precious data.

He illustrated with a live demo how a camera of a mobile phone can click pictures even when it is kept locked thus making the students aware of the severe consequences of casual usage of the technology. The students were captivated after the demonstration on Machine learning and became aware of the importance of having in-depth knowledge about the technology.

It was a very interesting and enlightening session for the s000tudents. The session also guided the BCA students to choose their carreer path in Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking & Python Machine Learning.

All the participants received a “Digital Certificate” at the end of the workshop. The event concluded with a thanking note shared by Ms. Monika Dixit Bajpai.