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ASB Orientation Programme 2021: Day 2 – ‘CAMPUS TO CORPORATE’ – LEAD Lecture Series 2021 Talk by Mr. SANDEEP TYAGI, Head HR, Edutech

Asian School of Business (ASB) inaugurated its new batch of BBA, BCA, and B.Com on Monday, 18th October 2021. The inauguration kick-started a grand three-day Orientation Programme scheduled from Monday, 18th October 2021 to Wednesday, 20th October 2021. This programme was organized to benefit the students who were about to begin a new phase in their academic life.

At the ASB Orientation 2021 Day 2 ceremony that was held on Tuesday, 19th October 2021 at its campus located in Sector 125, Noida, Mr. SANDEEP TYAGI – Head HR, Edutech – was an eminent guest who delivered a very impactful talk and provided some invaluable guidelines for the young new batch of ASB BBA, BCA, and B.Com students as part of Asian School of Business’ much appreciated LEAD Lecture Series 2021 initiative.

Addressing the new batch of Asian School of Business students, Mr. Sandeep Tyagi began his talk by saying, “Some of you may try to enter the corporate world, some may enter the MNCs or Government services, and still some may become a faculty at some reputed college like Asian School of Business … So this journey that you have started now is going to be the stepping stone for your success. As you know, a building is made up of blocks … step by step, the bricks are laid, and eventually it is completed to become a building. Similarly, while you are here, you will be building your own career step by step.”

Cautioning the students on the importance of this Time, Mr. Tyagi said, “It is very important to know that this time will not come back in your career. Time which has passed has passed. Everything can come back … wealth, happiness, sorrow, joy …. All can come back, but this time which has gone will never come back. So, the essence of life is Time and Time Management. This is a general statement, but it has a huge amount of importance.”

Taking up another important aspect for learning, Mr. Tyagi said, “In management choices and leadership development, we talk of Emotional Intelligence.  What is Emotional Intelligence? It is nothing else but introspecting about yourself … about oneself … about setting our own priorities. I’m sure all of you have your own priorities, your own milestones, goals and objectives. Some may like to do well in academics, some may want to take up business responsibilities or start their own business. So you have already decided your priorities. This institution will further shape your career … will further define your goal and objectives in order to help you achieve those objectives. So, goal setting and goal achievement are your responsibility. This institution will help you, support you, guide you, and mentor you in achieving those goals and objectives, but the ownership will lie with you.”

Proffering another important piece of advice, Mr. Tyagi said, “So decide what you want to do in life. Then break it down to steps. See what is required to get to that place … whether you need to work hard in academics, or spend long hours in study, pay attention in class or not. So it is you who has to decide depending upon your priorities, goal-setting, objectives and how you will work towards it. The faculty and teachers are all there to support you, but at the end it is you who has to show that zeal, determination and passion. And, goals could be anything like sports, corporate world, and so on. All careers are very good. There is no career that is not good. But the proof of the pudding is in eating. So you need to reach at the top in anything that you decide. Find out your strength as well as improvement areas and work towards improving those development areas. So this will lead you to success in life. As they say, ‘Life is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration’ … so work hard!”

Talking specifically about Goals, Mr. Tyagi said, “Whatever you want to do, but set your goals. Life without a goal is like a ship without a destination. So, have your destination ready in place and I’m sure that once you have reached such a renowned institute like Asian School of Business, you all are capable to achieve those goals. So, I wish you all the best in your course here and also in your life that lies ahead for you!”