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ASB Orientation Programme 2021: Day 3 – ‘THE POWER OF IDEAS’ – LEAD Lecture Series 2021 Talk by Ms. NIKITA and NISHITA BALIARSINGH, Founders-Nexus Powers

Asian School of Business (ASB) inaugurated its new batch of BBA, BCA, and B.Com on Monday, 18th October 2021. The inauguration kick-started a grand three-day Orientation Programme scheduled from Monday, 18th October 2021 to Wednesday, 20th October 2021. This programme was organized to benefit the students who were about to begin a new phase in their academic life.

At the ASB Orientation 2021 Day 3 ceremony that was held on Wednesday, 20th October 2021 at its campus located in Sector 125, Noida, Ms. NIKITA and NISHITA BALIARSINGH – Founders, Nexus Powers – were eminent guests who presented a very inspiring session on the theme of ‘THE POWER OF IDEAS’ under the Asian School of Business’ well-received  LEAD Lecture Series 2021 initiative.

Ms. Nikita and Ms. Nishita Baliarsingh are the co-founders of a start-up that manufactures biodegradable batteries to power electric vehicles. Twin sisters Ms. Nishita and Nikita Baliarsingh are attacking those hesitations by creating fast, efficient and inexpensive batteries for EVs—made from crop waste. The two knew they wanted to pursue eco entrepreneurship and began digging into more sustainable power options. And the twins, Ms. Nikita and Nishita Baliarsingh — who recently featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 – despite no prior academic experience in science, both sisters enrolled in certification courses for nanotechnology, battery thermal management, and hybrid electric vehicle designing, to learn about the technology they wanted to create. In 2019, they set up a manufacturing company called ‘Nexus Power’, driven by the aim to use protein extracts from crop residue to make sustainable, biodegradable batteries that can be turned into manure once the lifecycle is complete. Their efforts reaped the fruit in the middle of the 2020 lockdown, when the company successfully produced a prototype of the battery.

Delivering their LEAD Lecture session on the occasion of Day 3 of the Asian School of Business Orientation Programme 2021 on Wednesday, 20th October 2021 at Asian Law College’s campus located in Noida, the twin sisters Ms. Nishita and Nikita Baliarsingh talked at length about their entrepreneurial journey and said, ‘Entrepreneurship is not about the rewards and recognition, but it is about picking up a pain-point, experimenting on your ideas, and sticking on in your pursuits until you are able to reach the solution for the problem. This is what we did in the case of discovering the use of protein extracts from crop residue to make sustainable, biodegradable batteries that can be turned into manure once the lifecycle is complete, thus making electric vehicles a feasible option.”

Among the several takeaways from the session, the twin sisters also shared some very practical and important tips for starting with an entrepreneurship. These were:

  • “Entrepreneurship is just about team, fund, idea, etc., but also about how much Emotional Stability you can have in the face of loss or defeat.
  • Don’t celebrate too early! Let the results come to you first.
  • Keep the spark of experimenting burning. Keep challenging yourself.
  • Whatever you do in life, either be the best or different from the rest.
  • Have your paperwork up-to-date. Record everything you do. Document everything, including the details of your employees. Remember, you are responsible and answerable for everything happening in your company.
  • Dedicate time responsibly. Understand time-management.
  • Be disciplined and inculcate socially acceptable behavior.
  • Sleep early and rise early! Whenever you start something, start at the same time. Be there first … and close at a particular time.
  • Live your life! Relax, meet people, and interact.”