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Asian School of Business Marketing Club Event – Mix and Match

The Marketing club at Asian School of Business organized their weekly club activity as “Mix and Match” on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. The Marketing Club works interminably in order to serve business management students to participate in activities that enrich student’s exposure to marketing in the real world.

The activity aimed at engaging students to their exhibit interest and talent in creative advertising, branding strategies, product development and innovation. Students are given the opportunity to develop their skills through various stages ranging from thinking advances in existing product to selling it in the market.

The activity took place in three rounds, the first round was cued with auction and bids for a list of products using virtual currency provided to the group of students. Then, other rounds envisaged the development of the existing product to an innovative product followed by preparing an advertisement for selling it. The event observed great fanaticism and commitment for not only participating but performing for selling newly made products.

As any event is the consequence of proper planning, team-spirit and effective coordination. To determine the event a successful one, a team of nine students took the initiative to coordinate it upto the perfect execution. To be continually potent, the performances were well-recognized and feedback were given by the jury.

Moving towards the close of the event it was not only a success for the winning teams only but it was of great learning to all the participants. The students pronounce the event as a platform to have insights for developing a new product. Though, to keep the morale high, the jury awarded first prize to Vaibhav & Vishwas for Section –A; Aman & Ekta (heating coil and blender bottle) and Harshit & Yash from Section –B and Sanya and Luv from Section –C.