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Athleema – The Sports Club – Sports Mania

According to the proposed plan, Athleema – The Sports Club of Asian School of Business organized ‘SPORTS MANIA’ activity on Wednesday, 29th Sep 2021.

Description of the Activity: Sports Mania had 5 games viz. Cricket, Badminton-Single/Doubles, Shotput, 100 Mtr. Race, Tug of War

Primary Objective: The objective of this event is to build sportsmanship spirit, team building, and sharpening analytical skills.    

No. of Participants: A total of 129 students participated in 442 sports events.

Judgement parameters: Winners were announced on the basis as per the rules of the game

Name of Judges: Mr. Vinod Dhar, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, Mr. Shubham Jain, Mr. Abhishek Saxena, Mr. Madhur

Name of Winners
Sport Name of the Student Sport Name of the Student
Shotput (Boys) Siddharth Garg Chess Madhu Tiwary
Shotput (Girls) Shreya Arora Carrom Aniket Matta
100 Mtr. Race (Boys) Ibaad Yusuf Zai Badminton-Single (Boys) Abhay Pokhriyal
100 Mtr. Race (Girls) Shweta Kumari Jha Badminton-Single (Girls) Shreya Arora
Badminton-Double (Boys) Abhishek Bansal, Siddharth Garg Tug Of War (Girls) Kritika Beri, Vanshika Jain, Aarchi Tiwari, Shweta Kumari Jha, Swati Bhattacharya
Cricket Punya Bajaj, Naman Kansal, Siddharth Garg, Sarthak Agarwal, Pratyush, Shreyank Tiwari, Rythm Verma, Ayush Kumar, Bharat Khutela, Samarth Sharma Tug Of war (Boys) Sidhant Upadhyay, Harshit Sharma, Aryan Raghav, Garvit Singh, Rahul, Dennis, Akhil Kumar Gupta, Udit Goel, Arpan Barik, Ibaad Yusuf Zai, Abhishek Bansal

Outcome of the Activity:
This activity helped students in improving their analytical skills and also increased the motivation level of the students