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Bulls n Bears Club Activity – “Budget Conclave 4.0”

Description of the Activity: The Finance Club “Bulls n Bears” at Asian School of Business organized the “Budget Conclave 4.0”, an interpretation and analysis of the Union Budget 2022, on 14th February, 2022, wherein students from BBA participated as researchers and panel Speakers. The panel speakers discussed and analysed the impact of the Union Budget, 2021 on twelve different crucial sectors viz. Railways, Automobiles, Communication Services, Education, Information Technology, Healthcare, Common Tax Payer, Agriculture, Energy, Manufacturing, Defence and Tourism and Aviation.

Primary Objective: The activity was undertaken with a dual objective of making students develop an understanding of the Union Budget 2021 and analysing its impact on various crucial sectors, resulting in thorough and deep understanding of the budget. The speakers along with their respective researchers analysed one sector in detail and the impact of the budget on the same.

No. of Participants: 12 Panellists and 19 Researchers

Judgement parameters: Content and presentation

Name of Judges: Prof. Madhur Oza and Prof. Garima Malhotra

Name of Winners: Garima Chaudhary, Siddhant Magon

Outcome of the Activity: This Conclave was a platform or the students to develop their research and presentation skills. Besides, the students learned the in-depth details of the budget and various related terms.