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Count on Your Blessings

At the most enchanted time of the year, when we are going to step into a new journey very soon, it was time to cherish the beautiful memories of the year and show our gratitude to them before we started the new year. In line with the stated objective, the Human Values & Counselling Cell came up with a week-long celebration “Count on Your Blessings,” a gratitude-giving week from December 22 to 28, 2022. The activity was organised for all the students across batches and courses at Asian School of Business. The activity was divided into three phases, which included Secret Santa, the Christmas of Gratitude, and Grat-o-Prof.

Within the first phase, i.e., Secret Santa, the students brought gifts for underprivileged students and made their Christmas merrier. Those gifts included stationery, chocolates, and other items that every child hopes to receive for Christmas.

Within the second phase, i.e., The Xmas of Gratitude, students celebrated their Christmas with gratitude- a feeling where they express their gratefulness towards good. The students decorated the Christmas tree with handwritten notes and messages of gratitude for the beautiful memories they built this year and expressed their thankfulness towards them.

In the third phase, i.e., Grat-o-prof, students were given a chance to perform and express their gratitude to their professors with innovative presentations. Students could take any form of presentation, like poem recitation, dance, music, paintings, role play, etc. The activity provided students with the opportunity to practise expressing gratitude.

The activity turned out to be a mesmerising and cherishing event for students and professors. The presentations showed the creativity and innovation of the students. There was joy on everyone’s face as everyone contributed a little on their part to make this Christmas merrier and more blissful. The activity ended with a mood of joy and celebration.